VA Loan Document Checklist
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VA Loan Document Checklist

Applying for a mortgage? Here’s a list of the information and supporting documentation that you’ll want to have at hand for your application*:

-Addresses for previous 2 years’ rental or mortgage history
-Name, address and phone number of all landlords for past 2 years (if applicable)
-Name, address and phone number of employers for past 2 years
-All pay stubs for most-recent 30-day period
-Past 2 years’ W-2s
-Past 2 years’ tax returns
-Most recent 2 months’ bank statements for all bank accounts
-Valid Driver’s license or military I.D.
-Statement of Service from your Command or copy of your DD-214
-Member Copy 4 for Certificate of Eligibility

*The information listed above may be required for non-TRID application purposes and needed to evaluate and determine eligibility.

In some cases, you’ll also need:
-Self Employed- Past two years’ signed personal tax returns, corporate or partnership returns, balance sheets, K-1 and 1099’s
-Copies of separation/divorce decree
-All foreclosure papers including letter of explanation if possible
-All bankruptcy papers including discharge and letter of explanation if applicable
-Sales Contract

For a refinance, you might also need:
-Copy of current mortgage statement
-Copy of current survey if you have one
-Copy of Homeowners Policy
-Copy of Deed
-Copy of Title Policy